Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kennedy arrested for allegedly kicking woman in crotch

The surprising thing is it wasn't during a rough sex encounter. The indecent occurred at a hospital.

Via NY Daily News:
The petite, Brooklyn-born nurse who tussled with Robert F. Kennedy’s son in a hospital maternity ward was stunned that she fought with a member of Camelot, her husband said Saturday. [..]

He said his wife and nurse Anna Lane were simply trying to stop Kennedy, 44, from leaving the Northern Westchester Hospital with the baby, Boru, on Jan. 7 against hospital rules.

Steve Luciano said Kennedy kicked his wife in the pelvis and twisted Lane’s arm. The scuffle was caught on security camera.

“My wife was assisting Anna to simply encourage Mr. Kennedy to place the child back into its bassinet,” Luciano said. “It appears on camera that they stumbled into the stairwell and then he veered back and kicked Cari and she went sprawling to the floor.”

Both women filed police reports the night of the incident and appeared at the Mount Kisco police station a couple days later, Luciano said.

Cops arrested Kennedy on Thursday. He was charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. Keep on reading...

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