Thursday, February 23, 2012

Most ethical, open and honest government in history scrubs Gleick’s grants from EPA website

 Peter Gleick

Global warming alarmist Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute, has admitted he lied and impersonated another to steal procure documents from the conservative Heartland Institute. When the documents weren't damning enough, he allegedly faked one that was. Gleick is fighting to keep his job among calls for his prosecution. It seems Obama's EPA gave Peter Gleick several grants. Here is a list. You will find the pages linked are no longer on EPA's server.

Via Junk Science:
  • $25,000 to evaluate indoor air interventions to reduce diesel particulate matter in West Oakland, Ca.
  • $100,000 for “The identified issue for this project is exposure to diesel emissions and other environmental hazards associated with inappropriate land use within West Oakland.”
  • $223,675 to “make use of a broad-based multistakeholder group (i.e. the West Oakland Toxic Reduction Collaborative) to assess conditions, develop solutions and support and leverage their implementation as related to environmental and public health burdens from air and other toxics.
  • $120,000 for “This amendment extends the project and budget ending dates from August 31, 2003 to December 31, 2003. There is no change in the approved EPA funding amount of $50,000 for your diesel truck emission reduction initiative. The conditions numbered 1 through 7 in the award remain in full force and effect.” 
Here is a list containing the $100,000 one courtesy of Google Cache. Here is a pdf of the $25,000 one.

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