Friday, February 24, 2012

For a man who hates business so much, Obama sure has a huge online store

President Obama is peddling an amazing amount of Obama paraphernalia online. For the discerning 1% among Obama's supporters, they have the 14K Gold Rising Sun Cufflinks. and the Golf Divot Tool.
They also have plenty of iPhone cases, but, strangely,  no Blackberry case. There is a dog food bowl and a dog bandana, but I was disappointed to learn there was no Obama pooper scooper.


Anonymous said...

Since the money goes to his campaign, I guess all the profits are tax free. How is that for paying your fair share?

SE Pepper said...

HUGE error has been spread about that "logo"-- it's NOT a RISING sun-- it's SETTING. It represents that "transforming America" we've heard so much (but so LITTLE, at the same time) about.