Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Douchebag College Professor Bans Students From Saying “Bless You” After Sneezes…

Where do they find these a-holes?

Via Campus Reform:
Students enrolled in certain classes at the College of Coastal Georgia may want to think twice about coming to class sick—or else their peers may get into trouble.
Dr. Leon Gardner, assistant professor of chemistry at the college, made it clear in his to Introductory Physics class syllabus that he does not tolerate disruptive behavior while he is teaching—and that includes everything from talking to classmates, sharpening a pencil, and to saying “bless you.”
“We are taught that it is polite to say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes. However, if you say this while I am talking, it is NOT polite, it is very rude,” Gardner’s syllabus, which was provided to Campus Reform via email, states.
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