Monday, August 18, 2014

Eyewitness releases video from shortly after Brown shooting. It shows Officer Wilson.

Via Hot Air:
Crenshaw’s account of what happened starts at around 3:00. She’s right in line with the other three eyewitnesses on Brown’s general movements: He ran from Wilson initially, Wilson fired at him, then Brown turned back to face him. Crenshaw thinks the shots fired at Brown while he was running away either missed him entirely or grazed him, which corroborates the autopsy report showing no entry wounds from the back. The truly interesting part here is what she says she saw when Wilson first pulled up alongside Brown and Dorian Johnson. Johnson has claimed that Wilson grabbed Brown from inside the vehicle — specifically, he says, he grabbed Brown’s neck, which would seem hard to do to a man who’s 6’4″ from a sitting position. Crenshaw says she too saw Wilson grab Brown, although she doesn’t say where specifically. Wilson then seemed to get “upset,” says Crenshaw, Brown took off, and Wilson took off after him.

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