Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Video: Entire shooting of 2nd St. Louis man was filmed in it's entirety. (Graphic violence and language)

Allegedly, the man had a knife, but the video is at range. The man did tell police to shoot him. The police happily complied while the victim was several feet away and walking slowly toward them. He was about 8 to 10 feet away by my estimation and the police fired about 10 rounds. No tasers. No aiming for the legs. Just maximum lethal force.This isn't the kind of policing they show you on Cops at night.

Start at the 1:30 for the shooting.  (Graphic violence and language)


Anonymous said...

you can hear them yelling "drop the knife" numerous times. instead he charged them with a knife. not all cops cary tasters, and besides you wouldn't use a taser against someone who is threatening you with deadly physical force. why would they shoot him in the legs if he is 8 feet away with a knife? 8 feet is a distance that can be covered in less than a second, of course they shot center mass, as they are trained. this guy clearly wanted to die, thats why he stole a minuscule amount of goods, put them down, and waited for the cops armed with a knife and then demanded to be shot, ultimately forcing the cops do to so in order to defend themselves.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

The man wasn't "charging" them. He was walking in their direction. They could have backed up a few steps if needed.This video is a great example oh how fast modern police will gun you down. Granted, the situation could have escalated to that level, I just don't think it was there yet. I ask everyone to watch the video and makeup their own mind.

Note: If they had a taser and didn't use it, should they be prosecuted?

Anonymous said...

If you stop the video at 1:40 the suspect is on the wall and within 3 feet of the officer on the passenger side of the car. He was advancing on that officer and forced him to shoot. Walking or running, advancing on an officer with a knife will get you shot. "This video is a great example of how fast modern police will gun you down?" Sure, walk towards an officer armed and it will. Maybe you should do some ride a longs in your community and get a chance to see what officers go through every day.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

10 feet away at least. People can watch and decide.