Sunday, August 24, 2014

Report: Iran claims it shot down Israeli spy drone over Natanz uranium enrichment site

 IDF Spokesman's Unit

It's obvious Barack Obama and the Europeans aren't going to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Is Israel preparing to go it alone? 

Via Arutz Sheva:
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard said it has brought down an Israeli stealth drone above the Natanz uranium enrichment site in the center of the country.
"A spy drone of the Zionist regime (Israel) was brought down by a missile... This stealth drone was trying to approach the Natanz nuclear zone," the corps said in a statement on its official website
This act demonstrates a new adventurism by the Zionist regime... The Revolutionary Guard and the other armed forces reserve the right to respond to this act," the statement added.
An Israeli spokesman told AFP in Jerusalem on Sunday that the military does "not address foreign media reports".
Natanz is Iran's main uranium enrichment site, housing more than 16,000 centrifuges. Around 3,000 more are at the Fordow plant, buried inside a mountain and hard to destroy.

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