Saturday, August 23, 2014

Socialism fail: Heavily subsidized Venezuelan food often ends up in Columbia...

What happens when you heavily subsidize food and make it almost free? People buy it and sell it in a nearby country for a profit. So, Socialism is actually promoting Capitalism? 
Attention Venezuelan shoppers: Please proceed to the supermarket checkout for fingerprinting.
That could be a reality if a plan announced earlier this week by the country's president, Nicolas Maduro, goes into effect.
The purpose? Combating shortages caused by rampant smuggling of subsidized food in Venezuela across the border into neighboring Colombia. Maduro says the system would stop people from buying too much of a single item.
According to the BBC, up to 40 percent of subsidized goods from Venezuela are smuggled into Colombia.
"The amount of staples smuggled to Colombia would be enough to load the shelves of our supermarkets," Gen. Efrain Velasco Lugo, a military spokesman, told El Universal newspaper.

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