Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Girl scout targets unsuspecting potheads...

Capitalism at it's finest...
Danielle Lei, the entrepreneurial San Francisco Girl Scout who made international headlines in 2014 with her sales table’s location — in front of a medical marijuana dispensary — is back for another year and is already cleaning house.
Lei braved the oncoming winter storm Sunday to set up her booth in front of The Green Cross dispensary — a permitted shop in the south of San Francisco. Again, Lei cleaned up on dispensary customers, as marijuana is a clinically proven appetite stimulant.
Lei reports selling a total of 208 boxes in about two hours Sunday — nearly doubling her four-day sales campaign total to 560. “That’s pretty cool,” Lei wrote The Green Cross. “ I would not have sold that many in four days if I did not sell in front of your store.”

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