Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Police stop teens from shoveling snow in New Jersey because they don't have a permit from the local government

The permit cost $450 for 180 days...

Via Watchdog
When a major snowstorm hit the east coast two weeks ago, two entrepreneurial teens in New Jersey were ready.
Until they ran directly into a real force of nature: government nannies.
Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, both 18-year-olds from Bound Brook, N.J., were going door-to-door in their neighborhood Jan. 27, handing out homemade flyers that offered snow-shoveling services. School had already been canceled for the next day, when a winter storm was expected to bury their portion of the Garden State under several inches of cold white powder.
But their offer of a free exchange of services for cash caught the attention of the local police force.
According to local news reports, the cops told the kids they weren’t allowed to solicit business by going door-to-door without a permit from the local government.[…]

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