Saturday, July 4, 2009

Frankfort, Kentucky 4th of July Tea Party (photos)

A crowd of several hundred patriotic Americans gathered on the steps of the historic Kentucky State Capitol this July 4th to protest. There were many issues represented, but the main issues were excessive government spending, huge deficits, high taxes and government intrusion into our daily lives. A boisterous crowd from all walks of life listened to patriotic music and applauded speeches. Many felt the country has taken a hard left turn towards socialism under President Obama and the current Congressional leadership.

Here are some signs from the Tea Party protest.


A Patriotic Nurse said...

We had the same messages and lots of booths with vendors passing out literature! The Constitution was handed out and a red penny pin, for not red cent more for taxes and bigger government~Looking forward to DC rally 9-12!

Anonymous said...

Looked like a great event, pleases that folks are turning out for these. Sadly, the press are still either ignoring us,or misrepresenting us as they report on it.

HeatherM said...

I did not see one news item on the TV news or one word in the local newspaper. I guess that means the tea parties are a success.