Friday, July 3, 2009

If Obama Taxes Health Care Benefits, He is a Big Fat Liar

President Obama spent $44 million on attack ads against John McCain's proposal to tax health care benefits as part of a health care system overhaul. Candidate Obama called McCains proposal "radical" and "out of touch." Now , President Obama seems ready to sign that tax into law if it comes to his desk as part of a health care reform bill.

From National Review:
In early October [Obama] went even further, calling McCain’s plan “so radical, so out of touch with what you’re facing, and so out of line with our basic values.”

On Capitol Hill, however, Democrats have long liked the idea as a new form of tax revenue. Obama’s relentless denunciation of the proposal would seem to preclude his signing it into law, but “would seem to” is not “does.” Back in March, White House budget director Peter Orszag said taxing employer benefits was among several ideas that “most firmly should remain on the table,” and some congressional Democrats told the Washington Post that White House officials said Obama would accept such a tax “as long as he didn’t have to propose it himself.”

Finally, during Wednesday’s p.r. push for his health-care plan, Obama refused to rule out the proposal that he once said made John McCain unfit for office.

Here is a sample Obama health care benefit tax attack ad.

This ad attacked both the proposed health benefit tax and proposals to cut Medicare, Medicaid to pay for it. Ironically, Democrats are proposing both now.

We should never forget President Obama's Pledge Never to Raise Taxes on Anyone Making Less Than 250 000 a Year (video)

Change you can believe in.

Hat tip to National Review for the great story and ads.

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Timeshare Jake said...

Obama was a big fat liar before he used this as a campaign issue against McCain and then decided it was going to policy in his administration.