Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama breaks another campaign promise

Candidate Barack Obama severely criticized President Bush for using signing statements on bills he disagreed with. The controversial signing statements say parts of the bill are unconstitutional and the President is going to ignore that part. Obama strongly indicated these signing statements are unconstitutional. He pledged to not use them. Of course, the election is over now.

From Hot Air:
House members approved an amendment by a 429-2 vote to have the Obama administration pressure the World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards and require a Treasury Department report on World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) activities. The amendment to a 2010 funding bill for the State Department and foreign operations was proposed by Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), but it received broad bipartisan support.

The conditions on World Bank and IMF funding were part of the $106 billion war supplemental bill that was passed last month. Obama, in a statement made as he signed the bill, said that he would ignore the conditions.

They would “interfere with my constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations by directing the Executive to take certain positions in negotiations or discussions with international organizations and foreign governments, or by requiring consultation with the Congress prior to such negotiations or discussions,” Obama said in the signing statement.

Here is the campaign promise to not use signing statements.


chef said...

My Comment Is A Different Subject, But I'm Sure Is Very Important.
Because, No Matter How Establish The Person Is, If You Don't Have Security (As We Did During President Bush's Terms) Everything Else
Has No Relevancy.
So, My Comment, As I Post It On Twitter Is:

We're So "Fortunate" To Know What Soviet Socialism Did To The World & To It's Own People.Let's Not Go There & Stop Anyone Who Wants Us To Go.

And Liberal Ideas Will Destroy (if we don't stop it) Western Civilization.
They Start "Small" Putting Salary Caps for CEO's, But Sooner Then Later Will Effect Absolutely Every Family.

Jay said...

It was "conservatives" that made a huge mess of things for us to begin with. Rubber-stamp congress, President bent on world domination, and citizen's who did do jack-crap about it. That made a huge impact on the way the US affected the world, and now we're paying for it.

I say Obama is doing a better job than "Dubbya" ever did as a wartime President.

I tend to walk the line between conservative and liberal because there are good and bad parts to both. I'd like to see someone take the good parts from both, and everything in between, and form a new party. Of course, we all know it'd never make it because people fear change.