Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Olbermann wants to 'legally stop' Glenn Beck

Keith Olbermann wants to take away Glenn Beck's free speech rights. Why is this not surprising?

From Newsbusters:
Noted free-speech champion Keith Olbermann has declared that we have to "legally stop" Glenn Beck. The Fox News host's crime? Not reacting strongly enough for Olbermann's taste when a guest made an over-the-top remark. [H/t reader JKF.]

KEITH OLBERMANN: Mr. Scheuer has issued a call for the the head of al Qaeda to detonate a major weapon in the United States. And yet, for some reason, to my knowledge at least, the Department of Homeland Security has not yet been to see him, nor been to see Mr. Beck nor Fox News for having provided him a platform and passive assent, for approving not just a terrorist attack which could kill Americans, but approving of one that might even kill Fox viewers. If we're going to continue to prevent terrorism in this country, international or domestic, we have to legally stop the people who view terrorism as acceptable means of effecting political change in this country. People like Michael Scheuer. And we have to legally stop the people like Glenn Beck, the enablers, who simply nod gravely as if the idea, and the speaker are not treasonous.


Anonymous said...

And we all know that the AG school graduate has a right to his opinion, but he can't make us listen or watch......I believe he may be a bit stung his viewship has dropped by 1/2 since same time last year. I saw that segment on Glenn Beck and Blubbermann has said worse. Perhaps he needs a soak in the tub?

Pam A. said...

"Anonymous" (of course)
Please provide proof of your claim that Becks viewership has dropped by half.

Kathy said...

Olbermann is not exactly being honest (surprise!) What the guy said was that in his opinion, the only thing that would SAVE THE UNITED STATES from itself would be a major disaster like a nuke attack that would scare our politicians into stepping up and doing the right thing. Hardly saying, "woo hoo, Mr. Al Quada? Hit Jersey, please."

They are almost as scared of Beck as they are Rush. They underestimate Mr. Beck. They should be a LOT more scared than that. He may be one of the few things that DOES save this country from itself.

Anonymous said...

Beck can't save us-he couldn't get out wet paper bag

OlDad said...

KO is not important news

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to expose Beck, Hannity et al for the absolute frauds that they are.