Friday, September 18, 2009

Andrew Breitbart on CNN Coverage of ACORN Videos: "CNN has been despicable"

Andrew Breitbart of said CNN's coverage was despicable because they keep reporting the ACORN line that filmmakers James [O'Keefe] and Hannah [Giles] were kicked out of ACORN offices. Andrew Breitbart said, "There are more videos to come."

From the video:
BREITBART: Well, I'm grateful that the American public has realized that there's a serious problem here, and that their elected representatives are taking their concerns seriously. A new Rasmussen poll came out this morning that says America's overwhelmingly disturbed by what they've seen on these videos.

But, predictably, and why we rolled the videos out one by one by one by one, we set traps for ACORN to lie; each and every time they lied. They went to the mainstream media, continued to tell those lies. The next day, the previous day's lies were exposed. And CNN in particular has kept going back to ACORN and taking their line.

The behavior of Jonathan Klein, the president of CNN, has been despicable during this. They continue to impugn [filmmakers] James [O'Keefe] and Hannah [Giles], and they are continuing to tell falsehoods -- that they were kicked out of ACORN offices. And that's the current line that some at ACORN, including Bertha Lewis, continue to push. There are more videos to come, and some -- and in towns that they continue to say that they were kicked out of.

Here is the video of ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis spinning the "thrown out" story.

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