Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hypocritical Massachusetts Democrats Grant Kennedy His Dying Dishonorable Wish

Massachusetts Democrats changed the law to prevent then Republican Governor Mitt Romney from naming a Senate successor in the event John Kerry was elected President. Now, the hypocrites have granted Ted Kennedy his dying dishonorable wish to change the law back so the now Democratic Governor can name a Democrat to replace him. Ted Kennedy showed a complete lack of honor when he ,reportedly, left Mary Jo Kopechne to die at the bottom of channel off of a small bridge on Chappaquiddick island on July 18, 1969 and failed to report the accident for 8 hours. Faced with this kind of tragedy early in life, most people would have developed a strong desire to do what is honorable for the rest of their years. That isn't true for Ted Kennedy. His dying wish was for the Democrats in the Massachusetts legislator to make hypocrites of themselves by changing the Senate succession law so the current Democratic Governor of Massachusetts could appoint a Democrat to his Senate seat and continue the filibuster proof majority Democrats currently hold in the Senate.

The state Senate passed a bill this afternoon that would allow Governor Deval Patrick to name an interim successor to Edward M. Kennedy, potentially paving the way for appointment of a new US senator later this week.

The Senate approved the measure by a 24-to-16 vote, leaving one final procedural hurdle in both chambers before the bill heads to Patrick's desk. The House and Senate are expected to enact the bill on Wednesday, a formality unlikely to derail the effort.


Diogenes said...

The spelling of the word is "dying", nitwit, not "dieing".

For a rightwingnut redneck, though, you were AWFULLY close!

Bluegrass Pundit said...

"The spelling of the word is "dying", nitwit, not "dieing"."

Fixed. Thanks. :)