Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh runs over Al Gore with a green car (video)

During his appearance on the Jay Leno Show, Rush Limbaugh ran over an Al Gore cut out twice. In an ironic twist, Limbaugh was driving an electric version of the Ford Focus. Enjoy.


Luke said...

wish it was the real al gore, thatwould save everyone a lot of trouble

Zelia said...

Hmm... Just wondering if Al Gore has declared what is best for the environment: a cemetery funeral or cremation. Just wondering…

Unknown said...

Did you notice how Rush was applauding himself as he came out? How gauche.
Did you notice his Gucci loafers? How elitist.
That spare tire under his shirt was almost as big as the one on the car.
Did you notice how animated he was? Like he was on speed.
Now, we know the secret to his rapid weight loss, amphetamines.