Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have a cup of Joe and support the second amendment

Second amendment advocates have targeted Starbucks to test their acceptance of "open carry" of handguns. Starbucks has performed admirably. If it's legal locally, they are fine with "open carry" of guns. They have been attacked by anti-gun advocates, but are standing their ground. Kudos to Starbucks and I'm heading out for a Grande. Let Starbucks know you appreciate their support of our Constitutional rights.

Under attack by anti-gun rights lobby groups for several weeks now, Starbucks has stuck to its guns in maintaining its policy to serve customers who are legally carrying firearms. Explains the Starbucks' press release:
"Starbucks long-standing approach to this issue remains unchanged. We comply with local laws and statutes in all the communities we serve. . . . Were we to adopt a policy different from local laws allowing open carry, we would be forced to require our partners to ask law abiding customers to leave our stores."

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