Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obamacare House Whip Count Roundup (3-17)

There are currently 431 votes in the House. The side that hits 216 wins. Democrats currently control 253 seats in the House and can only afford to lose 37 democrats. No Republican is expected to vote for the Democrat's health care reform bill. Over at The Hill, they have (with leaners) 214 no, 167 yes and 50 undecided. The NRCC Code Red site has the tally at 205 no, 198 yes and 28 undecided. The liberal site FIREDOGLAKE has the count (with leaners) at 210 no, 205 yes and 16 undecided. Update: WaPo has the count at 205 no, 149 yes and 77 undecided.

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