Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama's Decision to Push Health Care Called: "One of the Biggest Miscalculations in Modern Political History"

This wouldn't be news if it were Republicans saying it. This time it was Dan Rather and Andrea Mitchell. They agree with this statement on Obama pushing health care reform,
"One of the Biggest Miscalculations in Modern Political History"...
Here is the video:

From NewsBusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: The President's determination to get healthcare against all odds has even some Democrats wishing he had chosen to pursue jobs, something far less partisan. Congress watcher Charlie Cook calls it, "One of the biggest miscalculations in modern political history."Dan, he has made the decision. It's healthcare. Bad choice?

DAN RATHER: Bad choice. Particularly looking back on it. Jobs should have been the first choice. Smart choice for him. Not saying that healthcare is not important, but your question is, was it a mistake, at least in hindsight? Absolutely. Because the economy is what it's about, jobs, jobs, jobs.

MATTHEWS: Okay, in foresight. Now that he has made the call and he sunk his teeth into this and his feet into this. Does he have to win on healthcare this month?

RATHER: Absolutely positively without question he's got to win on this.

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC: I agree with Dan and everyone here that this was a big miscalculation to go into it. But now that they're into it, they've got to win it.

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