Monday, March 15, 2010

Voters in Key Congressional Swing Districts Hate Obamacare

A survey of 1,200 registered voters in 35 Congressional swing districts found an astoundingly strong opposition to the Democrats health care reform bill. Seven in ten said they would not vote for a House member who votes for the Senate health-care bill with its special interest provisions. The democrats elected from these districts hold the fate of Obamacare in their hands.

The survey shows astonishing intensity and sharp opposition to reform, far more than national polls reflect. For 82% of those surveyed, the heath-care bill is either the top or one of the top three issues for deciding whom to support for Congress next November. (That number goes to 88% among independent women.) Sixty percent want Congress to start from scratch on a bipartisan health-care reform proposal or stop working on it this year. Majorities say the legislation will make them and their loved ones (53%), the economy (54%) and the U.S. health-care system (55%) worse off—quite the trifecta.

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