Saturday, April 24, 2010

Actuaries for Medicare and Medicaid: 14 million will lose employer-based health care coverage

Government actuaries for Medicare and Medicaid have released a bombshell report confirming almost everything Republicans said about the downside of passing Obamacre health care reform. 14 million Americans will lose employer-based health care coverage. The health care cost curve will be bent up, not down, $389 billion 10 years. 18 million Americans will be forced into Medicaid and 15% of all Medicare providing doctors will become unprofitable as a result of Obamacare's payment reductions. A separate report this week from the CBO found 4 million Americans will pay $1000 in penalties annually. Obamacare is a disaster of biblical proportions to the American health care system.

Government Releases New Numbers on Obamacare Showing Costs Will Skyrocket (video)

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

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Randy-g said...

We told you so wont be enough, the democRATS must be destroyed.(Politically) for the sarcasm impaired left!