Monday, April 26, 2010

The Video Micheal Mann Does Not Want You to See

Penn State climatologist Michael Mann, implicated in "climategate" scandal, is threatening to launch a lawsuit against the producers of this parody video posted on YouTube.

Climategate: Hide The Decline - the video

Minnesotans for Global Warming initially pulled the video, but after receiving promises of support are telling Dr. Mann to "bring it on."
In his letter Mann threatened legal action, claiming the spoof video "illegally used his image and defamed him."

Neither Mann nor Penn State responded to requests for comments...

Davis and No Cap and Trade said they welcome the lawsuit.

The group is eager to conduct an in-depth probe of Mann's work and "finally look at how it was done. We understand why Michael Mann is eager to silence public discussion of the hockey stick scandal, but truth is an absolute defense."

According to Davis, the video was created in the wood-warmed RV that is the "world headquarters " for Minnesotans for Global Warming and its three members, who jokingly think that Minnesota could use a little more heat.

When the letter first arrived, they quickly pulled the video from You Tube and their website because they couldn't afford to defend against a lawsuit...

Here is the sequel.

Hide The Decline II - The Sequel

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Now when my alma mater Penn State writes for more money, I'll send them this. When they fire this fraud, I'll consider sending them another donation.