Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Arizona Immigration Law Unconstitutional

RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham says Arizona immigration law will probably be struck down by the courts on constitutional grounds, but he admits he is “not the brightest lawyer in town.” He isn't the brightest Senator either. He doesn't understand this Rasmussen survey that found 60% of voters support the Arizona law.
The Politico reported:
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday that the tough new Arizona immigration law will probably be struck down by the courts on constitutional grounds.

“In my view it’s all uphill under the law,” Graham told reporters. “I think they’ll have a hard time upholding this law, that’s my view.”

Graham, who quipped that he was “not the brightest lawyer in town,” said he had...

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Brittanicus said...


"We’ve had numerous officers that have been killed by illegal immigrants in Arizona,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said on a previous Monday, at a Capitol Hill news conference. “And that shouldn’t happen even one time.” he also added “Folks, your cops, your sheriffs cannot do this alone,” Babeu said. “We’re doing our best and we’re overwhelmed. We’re stressed and things are out of control. We need the help of troops that are deployed along the border, additional resources for our border patrol and a zero tolerance policy.” THIS IS THE REASON FEDERAL TROOPS SHOULD BE DEPLOYED TO THE BORDER--TO DEFEND THE SPARSE POPULATION OF TOWNSFOLK, CATTLEMAN AND RANCH OWNERS ALONG THE WHOLE LENGTH OF THE BORDER

The cost of the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 to top $1 trillion within the next few months, according to the Congressional Research Service. Yet our politicians will not address the danger to people in the border region, Our politicians scratch around like headless chickens, worrying about costs. The deaths of Robert Kruntz, cattle Rancher-US Border Patrol, Sheriff and deputies who have been murdered along the region has opened a Pandora box. Yet it seems to most people they worry more about people on the other side of the world. Now because their complete disregard for Americans people safety, Arizona has been overrun with drug cartel criminal We have been continuously lied to, but not just from Democrats but Republicans as well about the border fence. If they build the original fence as originally designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), instead of worrying about the sensitivities of a corrupt government run by elites.

Any person trying to enter America would be apprehended between the two fences--in the no-mans-land--where they would be arrested. NOT ONE FENCE! BUT TWO FENCES? Before they could even scale the--SECOND--fence, they would already be exhausted from scaling the first fence and the patrolling flying drones or racing Border officer SUV would pick them up immediately. A good investigative report of the current fence--such as it is--comprises of vehicle barriers and rusty relic barbed wire in many sections of the border. In other regions the so-called lawmakers paid millions of dollars for virtual equipment that is malfunctioning and probably received monetary kickbacks for the contracts. For decades voters have reelected the same, tired, incumbent politicians must take the blame for the carnage in Arizona and have now blood on their hands. Arizona is on the front line of the blood bath, cause by the invasion of criminals pouring into the overrun state and a crippled economy of foreign welfare seekers. Send a message by Kicking out Sen. Reid as he tried to destroy the only immigration enforcement tool--E-VERIFY. HE IS ALSO FOR AMNESTY, WHICH WE WILL FIGHT TO THE END.. Get the facts--not lies and propaganda distributed by the Liberals hiding behind the Democratic facade at NUMBERSUSA.