Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amusing: DNC adds God, Jerusalem back to platform; delegates boo...

It took three voice votes for the chair to declare the amendments passed. In all honesty, the "nos" had it. Hopefully, we will see this in a GOP ad soon.

(CNN) - Democrats voted to update their party's platform Wednesday evening at their convention to include a reference to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, as well as the insertion of the word "God," neither of which was included in their platform this year but was in previous platforms. The change, proposed by Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland immediately after the convention was gaveled into order on Wednesday, required a two-thirds voice vote, but was declared as adopted after three voice votes which brought delegates to their feet, shouting their yeas and nays. Democratic sources told CNN prior to the vote that it was to take place by acclamation.

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