Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not so shocking: Maryland signs up 82,473 residents for free Medicaid, 3,100 to pay for Obamacare

If this percentage (96% Medicaid) hold up nationally, Obamacare is dead. I wouldn't be surprised to see  similar numbers from other states. Free stuff is very popular. Having your health insurance premium doubled to pay part of someone else medical bills, not so much. 

This Friday night news dump via Hot Air
More than 3,100 Maryland households have chosen to enroll through the state’s online marketplace for health insurance…The state also says 82,473 residents are signed up to be automatically enrolled in Medicaid coverage on Jan. 1.
I would be very curious how many of those 3,100 who signed up through the state exchange got a subsidy and how much. My guess is most of them got a large subsidy.

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