Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some of the few who actually signed up for Obamacare actually signed up twice...

So does this mean the incredibly low sign up numbers are actually overinflated? 

Via The Columbus Dispatch:
The man, who was signing up for a marketplace plan offered by Medical Mutual of Ohio, got to the end of the process, hit that button and got an error message. He repeated the process and again got an error message.
All told, he completed the process three times.
What he didn’t know was that, despite the error message, he had successfully enrolled — three times.
And in the process, he actually signed up for two Medical Mutual plans.
Medical Mutual contacted the man to clarify which plan he wanted. The Cleveland-based insurer shared his experience yesterday with The Dispatch without identifying him. The man’s experience was first mentioned by The Wall Street Journal.

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