Tuesday, October 22, 2013

State Obamacare exchanges are also having issues...

As of Friday, no one in New York had actually completed the Obamacare enrollment process.A few thousand had sign up to enroll, but the state is holding their data because it may be inaccurate.

Via NY Daily News:
In New York, one of only 16 states that has its own exchange, not one person had succeeded in using the site to enroll in a plan as of Friday.
Donna Frescatore, director of the New York State of Health marketplace, said Friday that 134,000 people had registered and shopped on the state’s online health care site since its Oct. 1 launch, and thousands signed up to enroll in a plan.
But the state has repeatedly delayed electronically transmitting those users’ data to insurers offering health plans.
The department, which held off in order to verify the accuracy of the information users submitted, said it would transfer the first batch of enrollees’ data — which includes thousands of transactions — as early as Friday night.
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