Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fail: Amtrak train leaves station...without passengers.

Your tax dollars subsidize every Amtrak passenger...

Via The NY Daily News:
An Amtrak train bound for Washington pulled away from Penn Station on Saturday without some pretty important cargo: its passengers.
Scores of travelers were stranded after the Acela Express 2253 took off from one platform about 3 p.m. — while they were waiting at another and unaware the train was leaving them behind.
Several minutes passed before the passengers even got wind of what had happened, one told the Daily News.
“They literally sent us to the wrong platform, and the conductor took off without any passengers,” said Damien Miano, 60, of Chelsea. “The right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. It was just so bizarre.”
Miano said he and the other abandoned travelers eventually returned to the main level, where a red-faced Amtrak manager explained what happened and passed out bags of Doritos.
The manager said the conductor left without getting the okay, Miano said.
“He said that in all the years he was working there, something like this has never happened before,” Miano said. “Those were his exact words.”

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