Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Obama threatens to withhold DHS paychecks unless Congress caves and funds his illegal amnesty...

No change...

Via Daily Mail:
President Barack Obama claimed on Monday that without a comprehensive budget covering the Department of Homeland Security, more than 130,000 mission-critical employees will be forced to work without pay by the end of the month.
They include 40,000 employed by Customs and Border Protection, 50,000 Transportation Security Administration screeners, 13,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and 40,000 Coast Guard personnel.
Pay would be restored at the end of any withholding period.
‘I know how vital you are, and I want to make sure more Americans know how vital you are,’ Obama told an auditorium full of DHS employees Monday the department’s headquarters, as the White House rolled out his $4 trillion budget request for 2016.
In addition, it’s likely that 4,000 people who work for the Secret Service will see paychecks on hold if Obama doesn’t strike a deal with Republicans in Congress, along with.
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