Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cap and Tax Has Regional Problems in the Senate

Republicans will filibuster the climate change bill when it comes to the Senate. Last year, June 2008, Democrats failed to get cloture by a vote. They came up 12 votes short of invoking cloture and ending a Republican filibuster. The challenge does not look any easier this year. Hopefully, Republicans and Democrats form coal producing and Midwestern States will stop this fraud.

From The Hill:
Backers of climate change legislation celebrated a historic victory in the House, but the breakout of the vote may reinforce the notion that the Senate will pose a bigger hurdle for the landmark bill.

Republican lobbyist and pollster Michael McKenna noted in a memo to his clients that House Democrats from several critical states voted against the measure, which he suggests puts pressure on Democratic senators from those states to do the same.

In all, 44 House Democrats resisted the entreaties from their leadership and voted no on the climate bill, which would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent over the next four decades. The legislation squeaked by 219-212 anyway. But with Senate Republicans pledging to filibuster, Democratic unity in the Senate is even more critical for climate backers, although some Republicans are likely to cross party lines to support a bill.

The Democratic delegations from West Virginia, Louisiana, South Dakota and North Dakota voted against the climate bill. (Only West Virginia has sent more than one Democrat to the House. Each of the Dakotas only has a one representative.) House Democrats from six other states – Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina – also voted against the measure, although others in the delegation supported the climate bill.

According to McKenna, the House vote indicates that “the Senate’s climb has gotten steeper rather than gentler since last year.”

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Anonymous said...

"Republicans will filibuster the climate change bill when it comes to the Senate."

But isn't there enough Democratic votes in the Senate to break a filibuster?

I certainly hope that there will be enough Democrats to stand up against this bill.

It blows me away that our Representatives voted for this bill without reading it. That is taxation without representation if you ask me. Hard to believe we've come to such a thing in our country.

It sure worries me.