Friday, September 11, 2009

9/12 Project May Bring 2 million Americans to DC. Obama Tucks Tail and Heads to Minnesota.

Democrats are concerned as many as 2 million concerned Americans may show up at the 9/12 Project rally in Washington, DC this Saturday.
Looks like there’s serious concern among Dems about the big 9/12 rally that’s being heavily promoted by Glenn Beck, Fox, and the tea partiers for tomorrow.

A top House Dem leadership aide has emailed a memo to Dem aides on the Hill and outside liberal groups warning they should brace for a turnout of up to two million people, suggesting Dems worry that if enough conservatives descend on the Mall it will amount to a major PR victory for the right.

The aide, Doug Thornell, warned in the memo that the dust-up over Joe “you lie” Wilson has been invigorating conservatives. “It looks like Saturday’s event is going to be a huge gathering, estimates ranging from hundreds of thousands to 2 million people,” Thornell wrote in the memo, which was forwarded by a source.

Will President Obama face this crowd of concerned Americans? No. He is "tucking tail" and heading to Minnesota.
St. Paul, Minn. — President Obama will speak about health care reform at the Target Center in Minneapolis this Saturday, White House officials confirmed this afternoon. The event begins at 12:30 p.m., and is free and open to the public.

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GeronL said...

The MSM will hardly mention it.

On Tuesday the NY Times will run a page 18a news brief saying that an anti-obama rally over the weekend brought a few thousand to DC.