Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Democrats New Plan: Soft Sell the Public Option

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After failing to get a vote on health care reform before the August break and taking a beating at town halls across America, Democrats are searching for a new plan to make Obamacare acceptable to the public. One new strategy is to "soft sell" the public option as something that will take place in the distant future.

From Politico:

Clyburn, for his part, is advocating a “two step” approach in which the most widely supported health insurance reforms, like coverage for pre-existing conditions, go into effect immediately, while the public option is framed as a distant step — something that would go into effect in 2013, only after benchmarks and pilot programs are studied.

Clyburn has proposed setting up modest pilot programs for the public option in certain regions or states — an experimental way of seeing whether these health exchanges can actually work at the local level before they go nationwide.

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