Saturday, September 5, 2009

Green Czar Van Jones Shares His Thoughts On Columbine And You Won't Like It

Green Jobs Czar said, "You have never seen a Columbine done by a black child" and much more. Van Jones is a complete "wacko."


sarah said...

Yeah, totally ignore all the gangs we have in America and all the rappers that talk about raping women and killing cops. They'r enot the problem.

It seems that the racism in today's society only applies to white people, since no other race has a raicst bone in their holy little bodies.

All American said...

You know the sad thing is, he's right. You don't normally see a black child suddenly boiling over and then shooting up a high school... perhaps it's because they let it out on a regular basis by shooting up each other (and innocent bystanders) in gang activity, drive-bys (fatal to young childrens tucked safely in their cribs!) and other such criminal activity...

Truthfully (and a simple common sense fact), violence is NOT race-specific. Van Jones and his obvious RACISM, RACIAL SLANDER, and outright BIGOTRY and POLITICAL RECIDIVISM are potentially devastating to the years of honest and open effort made to bring equality,progress and enlightenment to America.
He'll put us back decades if not further. It's surprising that he has gotten away with it for so long-until he was given this post. What is even more shocking is that
there is actual doubt as to whether he was offered the post in 'innocent ignorance' of his personal, and obviously deep-seated beliefs-which he has made so abundantly clear.

BTW, I am so glad to have jsust heard he has resigned his post!!!