Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harry Reid is still threatening reconciliation

Senate majority leader Harry Reid is still threatening to cram Obamacare down America's throat by use of the budget reconciliation process to bypass a Republican filibuster. During the August break, Reid didn't get the message Americans don't want this bill. The reason Reid missed the message is he was to spineless to face his constituents at a town hall and answer their questions. According to Reid, the bill is 90% done. Senator Reid has this to say about bipartisanship:

From CBS News Political Hotsheet:
"We still, after all these months, still have a place at the the table for Republicans," he said. "We do not want to do reconciliation unless we have no alternative."

Republicans can either agree to the health care bill Democrats want or they can have it rammed down their throats by reconciliation. Isn't bipartisanship great?

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