Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson: "Obama Was Not Accurate About Immigration"

Rep. Joe Wilson may have apologized for his lack of decorum during President Obama's speech, but he is standing by the what he said.

Rep. Joe Wilson on Hannity

CBS News examined what President Obama said and they appear to be agreeing with Congressman Wilson.
The Congressional Research Service, the legislative branch's research arm, took a close look at H.R. 3200 in a report dated August 25. It concludes that the bill's individual mandate to have health insurance (with tax penalties for non-compliance) would apply to legal residents and illegal aliens alike....

If Democrats wanted to eliminate allegations such as Joe Wilson's,
they could simply rewrite H.R. 3200 to say: No illegal immigrant can shop at the Health Insurance Exchange....

One likely reason why Democrats shot down Heller is that they're under pressure from the left to include -- or at least not explicitly exclude -- illegal immigrants. That would mean rejecting any requirement that applicants' eligibility as citizens or legal immigrants be verified.

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