Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keith Olbermann Thinks Obama May Face 2012 Challenge For Not Being Leftist Enough

President Obama has taken America on a hard left turn since January. However, many liberals are unhappy he hasn't moved farther to the left. Last Thursday, Keith Olbermann said,
"He's compromised on everything so far and as self-defeating as it may be, the progressive caucus and progressives would abandon him if necessary, if this was to be the policy of this administration into 2012. If it's necessary to find somebody else to run against him, I think they'd do it, no matter how destructive that may seem at face value."

Whao do voters think might challenge Obama in 2012? Forty-four percent (44%) say Hillary Clinton is at least somewhat likely to do so, with 18% who say it’s very likely.

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