Monday, March 1, 2010

Obama to Propose Obamacare Lite?

Nancy Pelosi and the White House are signaling President Obama may release a smaller and less costly version of health care reform. Will this be enough to get a few Republican votes and allow passage? The devil is in the details. If the bill includes health insurance mandates or large cuts in Medicare, it is unlikely to gather much Republican support. Since Obama is a true believer liberal, it is hard to imagine him trimming the size of Obamacare too much.

FOX News
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday President Obama will soon propose a health care bill that will be "much smaller" than the House bill but "big enough" to put the country on a "path" toward health care reform....

Melody Barnes, a top Obama domestic policy adviser, did not dispute Pelosi's characterization of the new plan as smaller in scope - and quite possibly in cost - than either the House or Senate health care bills.

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