Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obama tries to comfort House liberals with hopes of public options to come

We have to wonder exactly what President Obama means by "foundation of reform." Since Obama reiterates his support for the 'public option,' we might take a guess.

The Huffington Post reported:
Obama argued to the group of progressive members that his health care reform bill should be looked at as the foundation of reform, that can be built on in the future. He asked them to help gather votes for the final health care battle and promised that as soon as the bill was signed into law, he’d continue to push to make it stronger. But in a matter of weeks, he stressed, he could sign into law legislation that would lead to 31 million new people being insured, including the woman who wrote him…

“He just said that the public option, something that he has supported along the way, is not something that we can pass...

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