Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rick Perry Wins Texas Primary

Incumbent Governor and conservative Rick Perry has won the Texas Republican Governor's primary with enough votes to avoid a run-off. He faced moderate Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and 9-11 'Truther" Debra Medina. Perry effectively used Sen. Hutchison's vote for the stimulus to tie her to President Obama who is very unpopular with Texas Republicans.

AP reported:
Hutchison was once seen as the candidate who could deliver Perry’s first election loss in a lifetime of public office, but the governor, a darling of the social conservatives, forcefully painted the senator as too entrenched in Washington politics.


LandShark 5150 said...

Calling Perry a conservative is like calling Hutchinson a republicain -- name only. Slick Rick has only become more conservative talk has come after hearing true talk coming from Medina. Yep I know Beck attack and yes I am a fan of his, but before falling hook line and stinker on his word ck out this . And Perry was afraid of her splitting the vote and forcing a run off.

Paradigm Shifter said...

Great - just what the GOP needs. Another social "conservative". There is nothing conservative about social "conservatives" - as intrusive as liberals want to be with welfare and health care, social "conservatives" want to be just as intrusive on matters or personal choice, marriage, and religion. When will the GOP and conservatives wake up and realize the biggest thing holding them back is being tied to people who are conservative in name only, and instead want to impose their religion, their wars, and their economics on everyone else, both nationally and internationally?

True conservatism is restraint in everything - in the state's power to dictate religious values, how much of your paycheck to confiscate in taxes, and when to kill other people (both in the justice system and war).