Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama Endorses Nuclear Strike on Americans Health Care

President Obama avoided the term 'reconciliation' in today's health care speech, but the message was clear. Go 'nuclear' with reconciliation.

via Breitbart reported:
President Barack Obama urged Congress Wednesday to vote "up or down" on sweeping health care legislation in the next few weeks, endorsing a plan that denies Senate Republicans the right to kill the bill by stalling with a filibuster.

"I don't see how another year of negotiations would help. Moreover, the insurance companies aren't starting over," Obama said, rejecting Republican calls to begin anew on an effort to remake the health care system.

The president made his appeal as Democratic leaders in Congress surveyed their rank and file for the votes needed to pass legislation by majority vote—invoking rules that deny Senate Republicans the right to block it through endless stalling debate. Obama specifically endorsed that approach.

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