Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Obama Foreign Policy Failure. Syria Gave Hezbollah Scuds.

President Obama's strategy of reaching out to despots has suffered another failure. Shortly after he took office in 2009, President Obama sent a high ranking delegation to Damascus as part of the new administration's policy of "engagement." Syria has now responded to that policy change by giving Hezbollah long-range Scud missiles. That is change we could have done without.

The WSJ reported:
Israeli President Shimon Peres on Tuesday publicly charged President Bashar Assad's government with transferring Scud missiles to Hezbollah's forces inside Lebanon. Syria and Hezbollah both denied the charges. But the allegations already are affecting U.S. foreign policy: Republicans pressed on Capitol Hill to block the appointment of a new American ambassador to Damascus, according to congressional officials. The White House said it was pressing ahead.

The Scuds are believed to have a range of more than 435 miles...

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