Thursday, April 15, 2010

AP Poll: Opposition to Obamacare Has Jumped After Signing

On March 18, 2010 VP Joe Biden told ABC's Jake Tapper Democrats who vote for health care reform will "reap the benefits."
Biden said once these provisions take effect and the American people feel the impact, lawmakers who vote "yes" will reap the benefits.

"They're going to see right off the bat the horrible [things] aren't real and there are some very good things that become apparent immediately," Biden said. "Once the American public realizes that ... [legislators are] going to be rewarded."

A new AP-GfK Poll has found opposition to Obamacare has risen from 46% to 52% after the bill was signed. It looks like the benefit Democrats who voted for Obamacare will reap is an early retirement.
Opposition to President Barack Obama's health care law jumped after he signed it — a clear indication his victory could become a liability for Democrats in this fall's elections.

A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds Americans oppose the health care remake 50 percent to 39 percent. Before a divided Congress finally passed the bill and Obama signed it at a jubilant White House ceremony last month, public opinion was about evenly split. Another 10 percent of Americans say they are neutral.

Disapproval for Obama's handling of health care also increased from 46 percent in early March before he signed the bill, to 52 percent currently — a level not seen since last summer's angry town hall meetings.

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