Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unbelievable: CNN President Claims He Runs Only Non-Biased Network

CNN U.S. President Jon Klein claims he runs the only credible, nonpartisan news network. Oh really? CNN certainly hasn't been nonpartisan when it comes to the Tea Party movement. CNN spun a large Tea Party gathering in Nevada as "dozens of people." Last September, CNN used pictures to spin the Tea Party movement as Nazi militia. CNN's Rick Sanchez compared the Tea Party to Al Qaeda and the Taliban. In March of this year, they inferred Sara Palin and the Tea Party was inciting violence and stoking racism. CNN has also slandered Rush Limbaugh. Host Rick Sanchez derided Glenn Beck as "pudgy faced." It is pretty obvious CNN is slanting the news against the Tea Party movement and conservatives in general. However, they loved the 'Coffee Parties.'

ABC News reported:
Meeting with advertisers Tuesday during the midst of a ratings free-fall on its flagship network, CNN's leadership said it is staying the course in emphasizing its journalism.

The reassurance may be necessary. The Nielsen Co. says CNN's weekday, prime time viewership was down 42 percent the first three months of the year from 2009.

CNN U.S. President Jon Klein said that based on a format of credible, nonpartisan news, CNN is "alone in a category of one."

Here is an unforgettable example of CNN's unbiased reporting of the Tea Party movement.

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Patrick said...

CNN is as unbiased as the French are hygienic.