Saturday, April 10, 2010

US Military Surgeons Remove Unexploded Ordnance From Afghan Soldier's Head

US Military Surgeons have successfully removed an unexploded ordnance from an Afghan soldier's head. The patient is recovering, but has suffered a traumatic brain injury.
The 2.5-inch unexploded ordnance became lodged in the patient’s scalp during an improvised explosive device attack. But when the patient arrived for treatment, doctors thought it was only a piece of scrap metal, the Air Force reported.

“Initially, I thought it was a spent end of some sort of larger round,” Lt. Col. Anthony Terreri, the radiologist at the Craig Joint Theater Hospital who checked the patient’s CAT scan, told the Air Force.

I can't find a video of this dangerous operation, but here is an even more dramatic surgery that took place a couple of years ago. Surgeons remove an unexploded rpg from a 10th Mountain soldier. He lives.

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Anonymous said...

Even though I knew the outcome, I was on the edge of my seat watching that video.