Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mainstream Media Failed to cover Obama's Medal of Honor Gaffe, but Are All Over Bachmann's John Wayne Gaffe

Michelle Backmann claimed the wrong John Wayne was born in a Missouri town. President Obama claimed he gave a fallen hero a Medal of Honor while he was alive. Which gaffe is worse? Which one do you think the mainstream media ignored?

NBC Nightly News, which spent three straight nights mocking Palin on her Revere account, as reported by the MRC’s Rich Noyes, ignored Obama’s mistake, even as Jim Miklaszewski played clips from the very Fort Drum speech in which Obama made his screw-up. While CBS Evening News also covered Obama’s event with the troops they too failed to report Obama’s error. On ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer there wasn’t even a story on Obama at Fort Drum, but they did air bits of a David Muir interview with First Lady Michelle Obama which Sawyer teased this way: “And still ahead, right here on World News, the First Lady talks to David Muir, what she wants for her daughters when they fall in love.”

Here is NBC all over Bachmann for her gaffe.

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