Thursday, June 23, 2011

O.J Simpson Confesses to Murder of Nicole?

Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O. J. Simpson Got Away with Murder

O. J. would be doing life without parole without the 12 stupidest people in Los Angles.
(Daily Mail)- O.J Simpson has confessed to Oprah Winfrey that he murdered his former wife, it has been reported.
The talk show host made headlines recently saying that one of her regrets was never having got the shamed former sportsman to confess to the killing.
And it appears her wish may well have come true with reports Simpson has already told one of her producers in an interview from jail that he knifed ex-wife Nicole in self-defence – a confession he will now repeat to the talk show queen during a spectacular televised sit down interview. …
“He told the producer: “Tell Oprah that yes, I did it. I killed Nicole, but it was in self-defence. She pulled a knife on me and I had to defend myself”,’ the insider was quoted as saying.
The O.J. Simpson trial was the biggest travesty of justice in modern times. He had motive, left his shoe print and DNA art the crime scene, the bloody murder glove was found outside his residence and the cut in the glove matched a cut on his hand. In-spite of this overwhelming evidence, an all minority jury found him not guilty. They should be ashamed. They should be very ashamed.

Note: O.J is still searching every golf course and whore-house in America for the real killer. 

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