Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reverend Wright Turns On Obama: "not all of your oppressors are white..."

How Barack Obama listened to 20 years of this garbage is beyond me.
"Barack Obama was selected before he was elected," said Mr. Wright, dressed in black pants and a short-sleeved, African-style printed tunic. "Wall Street selected him. GM, Ford and Chrysler selected him. When you are selected by them, you are beholden to them."

Referencing the Book of Exodus, he warned churchgoers to "Please remember that Pharaoh was black, so not all of your oppressors are white." A chorus of "amen" and a phalanx of arms rose simultaneously into the air in agreement with Mr. Wright.
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NSpin said...

I knew reverend wright would come around, everything I heard him say was true I couldnt understand how he could like corporate fascist puppet obama. GODDDAAAAAMNN AMMEERICA FOR SLAVERY!!! FOR TUSKEEEGEE!!!