Thursday, June 30, 2011

Romney To Obama: Quit Golfing And Start Working

Romney 1, Obama 0.
(Reuters)- Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama on Thursday of failing to understand how to fix the U.S. economy and urged him to focus on jobs instead of playing golf.

"Obamanomics is not working," Romney said, standing in a weed-strewn back entrance to the shuttered American Metal Works plant Obama had visited in 2009 as a potential symbol of economic renewal. It closed early this year.

Taking aim at an issue that could be Obama's key vulnerability in the 2012 election, Romney also launched a 40-second Web video blaming the Democratic president's economic policies for 100,000 job losses in Pennsylvania.


This was Romney's rejoinder to Obama's accusations on Wednesday that Republicans are taking too much time off without working on a deal to avert a government debt default on Aug. 2.

"The president's time is being focused on playing golf and campaigning, campaigning in Pennsylvania today, and blaming. He should be spending his time and his energy working on getting Americans back to work and fixing this economy," Romney said.

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