Monday, September 3, 2012

Amusing: If the election is decided by looks, Romney will win hands down...

Not surprisingly, Sarah Palin also scored very high. President Obama was not scored because he is too well know. In other news University of California students are so pooly informed they were able to score Mitt Romney. They don't call it a liberal arts education for nothing.

From The Daily Mail:
Republican duo Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are one of the hottest tickets this nation has ever seen, and now there's proof that its not just their politics. 
According to professors at the University of California, Mitt Romney scores in the 99th percentile of all politicians for his looks alone, far outpacing his running mate Paul Ryan, whose rock hard abs only earned him a spot in the 67th percentile. 
The study was conducted to measure the 'competence' of politicians and how much, if any, their attractiveness affected the outcomes of their elections.[...]
At the time of the study, President Obama was already too well known, the professor said, so they were only able to size up Joe Biden. He scored in the 62nd percentile. 
'So, if the election were decided on looks, it would be no contest,' Professor Enos said.

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